These are the clinics CompassioNow supports.

Rwanda Children Health Clinic

In March 2017 the CompassioNow Board of Directors approved a new partnership with Rwanda Children located in Ntarama, South of Kigali, Rwanda. This village was started in 2013 and has expanded into the Hunter Hanner Community of Hope with additional facilities to serve the surrounding community.  A recent addition is a new health center which provides healthcare professionals from Rwanda and other countries the opportunity to minister to the sick... especially to children who have nowhere else to turn. 

Village of Hope - Uganda

On March 25, 2013 the Board of CompassioNow voted to begin supporting the medical clinic at the Village of Hope in Uganda. This Village is a refuge of peace and hope for children who have been rescued from the "Lord's Resistance Army" in Northern Uganda. CompassioNow has joined in the fight to rehabilitate these children who were abducted, abused and orphaned by this terrorist organization.

Mission Medic Air, Zambia

In 2008, CompassioNow started working with Mission Medic Air (MMA), a group of compassionate healthcare professionals providing much needed medical care in rural areas of Zambia. They volunteer their time to fly into isolated locations using a 6-seater Cessna aircraft, owned by MMA and bring medical supplies, medicines and professional healthcare into the rural areas of Zambia to support remote clinics and missionary hospitals.

1000 Hills Clinic, South Africa

The 1000 Hill Community Helpers Clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate service to the people of The Valley of 1000 Hills, South Africa. They seek to improve the lives of children and adults infected and affected by chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, and Hypertension through community and home based primary health care clinics, nutritional feeding programs, counseling and support groups.

Tanzania Christian Clinic

The Tanzania Christian Clinic (TCC) was founded to educate healthcare providers in the treatment of tropical diseases and to alleviate sickness by treatment and prevention. TCC exists to offer quality healthcare to all who are in need with the primary focus being those who are medically under served in this Northern part of Tanzania. Mobile medical clinics are scheduled on a regular basis to serve the outlying areas.

Passion Center Community Health Network, Malawi


The Community Health Network (CHN) in the nation of Malawi is based at the Passion Center for Children near the city of Zomba and offers new life and hope to AIDS orphans and child headed households.  This Community Health Network serves these disadvantaged children and their communities – often providing the only healthcare available to 137 villages in the area!