Philosophy. Mission. Vision.

The idea for CompassioNow came about following a life-changing trip that Ed and Wendy Bjurstrom made to Africa in 2004. They visited Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. They met with doctors and nurses and went to clinics, AIDS treatment centers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. They spent time with caregivers, church pastors and people dying of AIDS in their mud huts. They came face-to-face with the harsh reality of the devastating effect of AIDS and other healthcare issues in Africa. When they returned home, Ed was compelled to take action, and the creation of the CompassioNow was a natural outcome.

Ed and Wendy were deeply moved by the reality that the majority of people in Africa simply do not have access to even the most basic healthcare, especially the poor and those in rural areas. This gave rise to the CompassioNow Mission statement and the focus for CompassioNow which is simply “to provide essential healthcare to the world's least served.”

The name "CompassioNow" was chosen because we wanted a name that would instantly convey the message that we are an “action-oriented organization.” CompassioNow’s primary focus is to find where the gaps are in healthcare for the least served populations and fill those gaps, quickly. Our strategy is simple. We don’t build buildings. We focus on identifying the real needs of existing community-based essential healthcare and address them. A life-saving clinic can be conducted in a mud hut or under a tree.

We believe every person deserves reasonable access to basic healthcare. As an organization we seek to build up and support what already may be in place and to provide for basic health services to begin where none exists. This is a beautiful model because we instantly have partners all over Africa, and we compete with no one. CompassioNow is an action-oriented organization focused on providing solutions to healthcare issues in remote regions of the world in a timely manner. Our focus is to act NOW and not later.

We are committed to making a difference NOW! 


Vision Statement

The CompassioNow vision is to catalyze the long term transformation of communities within developing countries by ensuring all people have access to quality healthcare. We recognize that people living in developing countries have needs in many areas, however, basic healthcare is a key requirement for any community to build self-sufficiency. Therefore, this is our focus.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CompassioNow is to provide essential healthcare to the least served populations of the world.

Values of CompassioNow

Access and Quality:  CompassioNow believes that every person deserves reasonable access to quality healthcare.  As an organization we seek to build up and support the existing healthcare infrastructure that may currently exist in an area or region.  We endeavor to identify the missing elements or key aspects of an existing system that need to be supplemented or upgraded.  In areas where no healthcare infrastructure exists, CompassioNow will work with others to establish an appropriate medical care facility. 

Partnership:  CompassioNow seeks to partner with credible and trustworthy organizations in Africa to accomplish our mission and extend the impact of the resources we make available. We are continually searching for new partner organizations and travel to Africa (using our personal funds) on a yearly basis to visit our current projects as well as seek out new potential partners.

Our current partners include the following organizations:

  • Lily of the Valley in Mophela, South Africa
  • 1000 Hills Community Helpers, Inchanga, South Africa
  • Mission Medic Air. Ltd. Ndola, Zambia
  • Tanzania Christian Clinic in Ngaresh Juu, Tanzania

We also partner with a number of U.S. based organizations who share common interests and concerns about healthcare in developing countries.

People make the Difference:   CompassioNow believes strongly that trained medical professionals make the difference no matter the setting. Therefore, we highly value those who volunteer to work in areas far from family and friends to serve the needs of those desperate for medical care in foreign countries. We also seek every opportunity to develop professional medical care-giving skills amongst the indigenous population as the ultimate requirement for every community to become self-sufficient. Our view is that a clinic is not a building, but the people who deliver the essential medical care.

Strategy of the CompassioNow:  CompassioNow seeks to honor what is in place and build on existing healthcare systems as well as local expertise to provide expanded access to standardized counseling, testing, medical treatment and care as well as simplified laboratory monitoring. 

Encouraging community involvement is a key strategy for CompassioNow and provides the foundation necessary to leverage access to basic healthcare by mobilizing large numbers of indigenous people to provide the long-term solutions to the healthcare needs of their own community. 


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